Move-In Instructions

Moving can be a stressful time. We will try to make this process as easy as possible. Please read this information so that everyone is on the same page when it comes time for you to move-in.

Due at time of move-in:

  1. Your prorated rent as per your signed TAA Lease Contract. Pay via the Tenant Portal or by dropping off a Money Order to the UPS Store in the Kohl’s Shopping Center.  Just tell them box #175.   The address is 1511 Texas Ave. S. #175, College Station, TX 77840.
  2. Proof of utility connection. (electric only) Here are some options to make it as easy as possible:
    • If you connected it in person, you can drop off a copy of the receipt to the address above, or you can scan and email it to us.
    • If you connected it by phone, you may receive an email receipt from them. You can print and drop off a copy to the address above, or you can scan and email it to us.
    • If you connected it online, you will get a confirmation page. You can print and drop off a copy to the address above, or you can scan and email it to us.

To connect and disconnect utilities, go to College Station Utilities

Your Inventory and Condition form is due within 48 hours of your move-in date.

Make sure you have set up your Tenant Portal where you may submit maintenance requests and pay rent online.

There are other frequently asked questions (FAQs) are answered below to assist you in making your move-in as seamless as something like moving can be.

Q1. How do I request maintenance?

Answer: Please use  the Tenant Portal to submit your non-emergency maintenance items. For emergencies, please view our contact page for more information.

Q2. Am I allowed to have a waterbed?

Answer: Why maybe not a “frequently” asked question, it was asked, so it appears here… Waterbeds are allowed provided specific insurance is obtained by the tenant, in case of accidental flooding.

Q3. How do I find out more about the lease that 979RENT uses?

Answer: We use a standard Texas Apartment Association (TAA) lease. Please see the TAA website at for more information. This is a good resource for prospective and current tenants.

Q4. Can I smoke in our unit/house?

Answer: No. All of our units and houses are STRICTLY non-smoking only. You may smoke outside the unit. Please dispose of your cigarette butts responsibly.

Q5. Do you allow pets?

Answer: Yes, we do allow pets in almost all of our properties. Most of our properties have solid flooring in the common areas and carpet in the bedrooms, so they’re very pet-friendly. A pet agreement must be turned in to our office with any applicable fees BEFORE the pet is brought on to the property. This is very important. As stated in your lease, a “Pet Agreement” or addendum is a separate agreement that is not covered by your lease. We have a pet policy of no more than 2 pets and no more than 50 pounds combined weight. The fee for the first pet is $400 and $200 for a second pet. We do not charge a monthly pet rent. Some properties have breed restrictions. Ask for details.

Q6. When is my rent due?

Answer: Please refer to a copy of your lease for this information. Typically rent is due on the 1st of the month. If being mailed it must be received by the 1st. Your lease will cover the specifics of a grace period, if any. It will also include specifics of applicable late charges, if any. Remember that it is due on or before the due date. This includes when the due date falls on a Sunday or holiday. If you are dropping your rent off in person, please note the posted hours of operation for The UPS Store where the box is located. The rent is due on the same day every month. This is a firm deadline, no additional grace will be provided outside of the lease specifics.

Q7. Who, what, where, and when do I pay my rent?

Answer: Please review your lease for this information because information may vary by property. Pay via the Tenant Portal or by dropping off a Money Order to the UPS Store in the Kohl’s Shopping Center (1511 Texas Ave. S. #175, College Station, TX 77840). If dropping of a payment in person, please review the posted hours and dates of operation. Please pay by check, money order, or cashiers check at this location. No cash. Make payable to “Santino Investments”. Your payment is due on or before the 1st of the month, no exceptions. Typically rent is late after the 3rd, but check your lease paperwork to be sure.

Q8. Who do I contact about utilities?

Answer: College Station residents will go to College Station Utilities to connect and disconnect utilities. Bryan residents will contact BTU to connect and disconnect utilities.

Some properties have gas services.  You will contact ATMOS to connect and disconnect gas services.

For cable and internet, we recommend Suddenlink. Some properties include Cable and Internet.  Ask for details.

Residents within the Wellborn geographic area should contact Wellborn Water regarding services.

Some of our properties include free utilities.  Contact us today to learn more.