Move-Out Instructions

Here are some items that will help you move-out and optimize the amount of your deposit that you receive back. For proper instructions, please review your move-in and lease paperwork. it should cover the details of what you need to do.

Q1. What do I do with my keys when I move out?

Answer:Leave your keys on the kitchen counter with the front door unlocked. Please fill out the Forwarding Address Notification Form. In the “Additional Information” box let us know that you have moved out and confirm the keys are left behind.

Q2. How do I know when I need to be out?

Answer:Please review your lease contract for your lease ending date. You will need to be completely out, cleaned, and keys returned by midnight on that date.

Q3. How do I get my share of the deposit?

Answer:We have 30 days from the lease end date to send the deposit reconciliation. We will mail out one check to one tenant. How it is split up from there is for the tenants to decide.

Q4.What is the best way to fill a nail hole?

Answer:We had a tenant that did theirs incorrectly and were not too happy about the charges that this created. Please view this video for more details on how to fill them correctly and avoid us from having to come behind you and do more work. This will save you deposit deductions.

Q5. When can I expect my deposit return check?

Answer:Your deposit will be returned within 30 days of your move-out date. If you do not receive it, please contact our office and make sure we have received your forwarding address.

Q6. How do I let you know where to mail my deposit return check?

Answer:Please fill out the Forwarding Address Notification Form below for where we should mail the deposit reconciliation to.

    Q7. Are there Move-Out Cleaning Instructions?

    Answer:Yes. You can download the instructions here.